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Wuhan century, huarong gold financial services Corporation is a financial industry's investment holding group, formed to finance product development, wealth management, fund management and fund sales, high net worth clients VIP services-leading financial industry. Group synchronization so that real estate, culture investment holding areas in the it industry.

company is committed to the local growth enterprise performance improvement and continues to grow.

for a long time, always adhere to the deep understanding and relying on Chinese management culture, focus on understanding and exceeding growth companies short of resources and personnel constraints, continuously advanced management methods for localization, customer-oriented and practical, take the lead in the creation of the "performance interaction theory" and the "SAA performance improvement practice model".

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Wuhan century thaw gold financial service company, most professional, and most pragmatic, and most personal of performance coach, for Enterprise provides optimal of performance upgrade combat solution programme.

relying on the strong support of the Chinese research center of Fudan University, relying on century melting gold consulting a strong expert team of Wuhan, adhering to the "programmes not only the negative value, not personal consultation only air-to-air" services philosophy, Wuhan melting gold century team of advisers he has hundreds of unique growth companies contributed to the performance of the value.


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