Golden Week consumption? So borrow spend the most cost-effective

in cutting rates in the channel, learn to consumer loans have become part of financial management. "11" is approaching, various financial institutions have for example, teach you how money spent worthwhile. Faced with an overwhelming variety of consumer loans, how to choose? Banks have been raising the credit limit on the Internet under financial spoiler, traditional financial institutions have also begun to act, have vied for the consumer finance industry.

near the "11", the banks have temporary line of credit increase user, for the user in the "11" during the spend. However, the banks have not lowered fee rates in stages. Beijing morning news reporter learned that, after the interest rate cut in a row since last November, many banks have raised credit card installment fee rates. But credit cards generally have the 50-day interest-free period, holiday card can also enjoy double points.

Meanwhile, the Bank also introduced other promotions. China Merchants Bank unveiled a line of credit can be translated into cash, transferred to the customer a debit card with the same name, but use is limited to consumption. ICBC also launched online self-service pledge loan, user specified financial products can be used as collateral for bank loans for consumption, customers via online banking, mobile phone banking can realize automatic approval, the Fund account in real time.

traditional consumer-finance firms to be outdone. Gitzo launched a zero-cost thousands of loan products, "0-0-6", the product down the minimum 0, 0 repayment rates, by 6, the maximum loan amount is 1000 Yuan, for buying mobile phones, computers, fashion, consumer products and low price commodities such as black and white appliances. Dogs cats geese is different in the online shopping, Internet banking so advanced today, quick and easy consumer loans, have become habits of many young people.

Ali Department its, has days cat staging, and spent chant, and days cat first try Hou buy, and Taobao first with Hou pay service, consumption financial class products; Beijing East is has Beijing East white, staging service; and Tencent Department not only and P2P platform letter and rich launched "cash loan" products, its shares of micro-all Bank recently also will particles loan of port received enters the letter and the phone QQ. Three-phase contrast, rate policy is different.

as days cats carried out in phase 0, supports the payment period of 3, 6, 9, 3 phase 0 off fees. But the Department share a credit consumer financial products, use one of these services, takes credit; after the repayment, credit recovery. Jingdong white 30 days interest-free period; Tencent "cash loan" loan ceiling of 3000 Yuan, loan repayment within 3 days do not charge interest while the micro-particles of the Bank loan ceiling of 200,000 yuan, current promotion period no fee daily interest rate is 0.05%.

noteworthy is the recent P2P and tour companies have also joined in a melee of consumer finance. P2P block box personal short-term credit loans, "Countdown", a monthly interval 0.76% to 2.88%. Pat launched unsecured loans credit loans, the lowest monthly rate to 1.08%. Go, donkey mother, way cattle, Fuyou tourism platform have also been launched for tourism products, such as installment loans, to increase user stickiness and user loyalty.


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