Inventory in recent years borrowed life from nothing to four en-suite

the seasonal holidays, busy at work. Spare time over the years on a variety of small contracts, as well as all kinds of invoices, a little emotion the passage of, and thank you for all the existing. Recall all, if it's not too early to accept a reasonable debt is a financial this perspective, perhaps my families not as it is now so easy and unhurried. So, this holiday season, let me check my family years of lending life ~

(a) buy review ~ January 07 from CCB commercial loan 17.5W, buy has life in the first sets House, loan years 15, matching principal of repayment way, February 07 began also loan, 08 Shi for overall big environment bad, Bank encourages everyone loan, so I smooth of in benchmark interest rate Shang application has 70 percent interest rate, has, this copies loan I are no paid off, also left 7W more of principal not also, also not intends to ahead of also, because benchmark interest rate playing 70 percent this good, I wants to I if paid off has, yihou again encountered of possibilities is unlikely to has ~ May 09 from Jiangsu Bank Provident Fund loan 17W, buy has life in the second sets House, loan years 20, matching principal and interest of repayment way, Provident Fund of loan interest rate than commercial loan interest rate playing 70 percent also to low some, monthly of Provident Fund just also months for, also earned has a buy Hou on rental of rent money, house rent has three years, plus buy room Shi extraction of Provident Fund, basically life in the of second sets House by with borrowing didn't spent too big of strength on hand has ~ this sets House of loan in April 15 ahead of paid off has, Because in order to get the loan fund, you must first pay off previous loans but, no matter from which side 09 bought this House is made of.

April 10 from the credit union business lending 12W, bought a third home in life, loan term in 15 equal principal and interest repayment, is the benchmark interest rate, no float, there will be no more floating, benchmark interest rates and buy third set at the time of the loan before the new deal, very satisfied. This House has been rented, 13, in order to generate positive cash flow, will this House of loans from the Bank funds loans paid in full from April 15 to 30W, bought my fourth House, loan term 20 provident fund interest rate floating 10%, mostly I have provident funds, or perhaps can provide loans amounting to 60W.

back up, each buy House are by loan, and fourth sets also can with Shang Provident Fund loan, I has very meet has, because with husband wage rose of while, monthly of Provident Fund also in rose, Provident Fund of months paid amount has far is greater than second sets House of months for has, if not buy this fourth sets, just offset has fourth suite of months for, this Provident Fund Shang of money even to stay I husband retired to extraction has's ~

(ii) buy car article ~ January 12 from ICBC loan 5W , Buy has life in the first car car, loan years one years, is from card loan, make has procedures fee 1000 Yuan, is fancy from card only do of loan, because I of thinking mode has forming has, think not loan too not deal has, with 1000 Yuan earned a 5W liquidity, how see are compared deal, left buy car of 8W has is big part is brush of credit card, OK, I home of cash flow has been turnover of also is good, are is inflow or outflow ~ car is consumer, just travel tool, although now car very cheap, But Yu Mus musculus,, next five years plans in may change only will mention Shang agenda, if next also has from card of, I wants to I certainly also will with, inevitably card of, on not consider has ~

(three) life article ~ since is inventory borrowing life, except room car I using has borrowing, life certainly more is without borrowing, this borrowing not thick face take side friends relatives are from card of money, but take Bank of from card money, natural is credit card has ~ life in the, I home almost can card of place has never without cash. Us credit cards is currently a total of 9, total amount of 30W, up to now, only two records that after a few days overdue, one is because the brush of foreign currency going abroad, results have not bothered, call the Bank to know forget the foreign currency payments.

may be one of these years, used to keep a small journal, did not find any difficulty in managing nine credit cards. Because as long as their billing date set in one-month period of the upper, middle and lower, slightly under the watch each time you swipe card just after the billing date, brush, try 30-50-day interest-free period, really get used to it, not hard at all, at least, my home is not difficult at all ~


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