Let alone not to tell you: I don't know this money-saving tips

to some extent, making and spending money is a responsibility of adults. Although the vast majority are good at making and spending money, but saving money is made difficult. In fact, in life there are many simple but effective tips to save money, plan can help you save money on a new level. So, what are these tips?

first, save again change change every six months, and then put them together. Finally, these sporadic saved change unified into a savings account.

Second, replace the network service provider call your network service provider and consult in detail the services offered by the business.

If there is a lower subscription service, will be able to consider replacing the network service provider.

third, application for exemption from credit card annual fee contact the credit card issuer and application to release credit card annual fee. Recommended call back provided the credit card customer service calls, and detailed customer service representatives. If the issuer cannot waive annual fees, then you can be shown to deactivate the card mean.

IV, pay their credit card bills as soon as possible if you have more than one credit card, we recommend that you pay off the availability of at least one and then followed by the availability of that one, and so on, ultimately paid off all my credit cards.

If it fails to pay credit card bills, then according to the different amounts due from individuals, each year to pay the credit card interest and late fee ranging between hundreds of thousands of dollars, is not a small sum of money too!

fifth, can not buy determined not to buy some from the library can rent or borrow books, films and music, are determined not to buy.

VI, drive as little as possible, try to walk, ride a bike or take a vehicle. In this way, you save more than fuel and maintenance costs, car wear will be reduced.

seventh, home entertainment want to see a movie? Rent a DVD to watch at home, can't afford to go to the cinema.

in addition, minimize out of "eating out" number, the number reduced to half. According to the statistics, if you can reduce the frequency of eating out, each household can save about $ 1000 per year.

. VIII, buying used goods if personal or family need certain items, it is recommended to consignment shop, the front sale Tao Tao, or surf the Web look over, can be done under normal circumstances.

Nineth, quit smoking stop smoking programs, suggest that the medical talk about. Where necessary, consider joining a local organization for help to give up smoking.

according to statistics, a pack of cigarettes costs about $ 5, if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, smoking costs up to $ 1800 a year. Of course, this does not include the fuel costs of driving to a store to buy cigarettes, and conveniently purchase other consumer when buying cigarettes. Can save a lot of health care, but one of the most important benefits is that you can live longer and healthier!


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