Malicious overdraft, credit cards can be sentenced

consumer credit card with a credit card, it is now a lot of people like the means of payment. However, a "card slaves" and "Moonlite" may want to think twice before, because a malicious overdraft may constitute the crime of credit card fraud. And no ability to repay, without thinking about the consequences of extended after the impulse not to intentionally "creditors" and so on, may constitute a crime.

"no money or wayward" malicious overdraft credit card cost is home to the Beijing financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, many court cases involving bank cards.

Xicheng District people's Court to sentence two Chamber Vice President Zhang Yan told reporters that in accepting the credit card fraud case in the hospital, almost 90% is malicious overdraft cases, such crimes tend to be ignored by the public. Rush to invest health club, three years successively in a number of banks bidding for 8 credit cards, overdraft consumption and cash withdrawal. However, it has run health clubs closed down, Mr Lin owed the Bank more than 1.5 million Yuan.

Bank payment, Mr Lin not only don't pay, simply turned off the cell phone, on suspicion of credit card fraud was eventually prosecuted. More than 30 years she has no fixed income and occupation, but in 10 years ' time, she had 12 bank card with the 6 banks, malicious overdraft of more than 1.8 million Yuan, and buy luxury goods for daily consumption, finally unable to repay. According to the criminal law and relevant judicial interpretations and regulations, for the purpose of illegal possession, exceeding the prescribed limits or deadlines overdraft, overdraft debt principal of more than 10,000 yuan, and by the card issuing bank after two collections have not returned for more than three months, and that is "overdrawing". Lin and Mr Chua as their own "capricious" paid a heavy price. Two per capita was sentenced to 10 years and six months and a fine of 100,000 yuan of fine, and arrears before lifelong recovery.

most malicious overdraft are mostly young people without regular employment, what is counted as "for the purpose of illegal possession"?

judges said, knowing that no bulk overdraft repayment abilities, cannot be returned; profligate overdraft funds cannot be returned; go into hiding after the overdraft, change contact information, avoiding Bank collection; withdrawal, transfer of funds, hiding property to avoid repayment; acts of illegal and criminal activities such as using the overdraft funding, any of the above acts will be identified for the purpose of illegal possession. Zhang Yan told reporters the judges, malicious overdraft in such criminal cases, aged under 40 years of age accounted for more than half of regular employment. Most of the legal awareness of the defendant, before being held liable does not understand the consequences of malicious overdraft, credit cards.


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