Pay only two thousand or three thousand of you account you can also do something else

in fact, are willing to click on the paid two thousand or three thousand, where is your future? The title you have shown that you are willing to change hearts.

in this case, please read below, may be you have some help!!

1. If you are young, then you believe

If you are young, like you only have 20, 30 years. Then you should understand the truth: even though we're only a small amount of money, but it makes more sense than a sum of money a long time coming. If you're 18 years old, you only 2000 can be used to invest in 25 years ago, you can only save 1000 Yuan per year; the days that followed, an increase in your salary every 5 years, but even at the age of 60, you just save 4000 Yuan per year. Such a life and wages, really is not difficult. But with financing (assuming annual yields of 10%), then make a guess, at the age of 65 years, how much money do you have? Tens of thousands of? A hundred thousand of? Hundreds? NONONO, you will have 1 million! If a 45-year old local Boyle, nearly 10,000 of the money you can save each year (saving than the young man at the age of 60), then how much money she was 65 years old will have? Tens of millions of? Millions of? More than 1 million? NONONO, she has 1 million! You each year for young aunt is far less than the annual input of funds, but because an early start, had more time to accumulate wealth. So, even you now income not high, even you future income also not too high, but as long as early set financial consciousness, insisted investment, so you of results not poor ~

2. don't easily let himself, on himself demanding one points

you of two thousand or three thousand wage is has reasons of, don't always to himself find excuses, blamed such as of reasons, this cannot change what. Anyway, the status quo has changed, can change only ourselves. Sometimes, now own the "harsh" may be the future of their "tolerance". Specifically how to do it, very simple, such as form a simple habit: pay first thing after, mandatory savings. Only savings goal of strict completion, the rest of the money can only be used to dominate. If you feel that their wages are too low, and not too much money, then you can start by setting a lower value, such as 100 Yuan a month. Take the first step is always the hardest, after that, when you see when you save more and more money, you will become more and more like saving money. Of course, save money cannot all be contained in a current account, one is that we probably can't hold their hands; another is wasteful. Simple, we can put in money funds, although yields only 4% or so, but in the liquid. If nothing within a certain period to spend money, you can also consider the planned savings Assistant, annual income of 10%. But to note is, be sure to select a secure channel to hold, cannot, because of higher yields, and put the money in high risk investments.

3. in addition to accounting, you can do something else ...

accounts are in fact faced with a group of only the most basic demands of friends, those friends will think any money, always province, through the journal, control spending is playing a role. But for most of us, especially our own self-discipline, then the account will only take up your time, will not improve your financial situation. On the basis of accounting, of course, if you do some simple financial analysis, or to finance a certain degree of significance. For most people, if your budget is more stable, then just keep 3-6 months account, there will be a basic data. Further statistical analysis (see chart), you can have a more clear understanding of your financial. The rest of the time, or should we focus on promotion and pay rise, and increase revenue and cut expenditure.


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