Six money center of outbound minutes saves a 6S

1. consumption abroad, would not have a debit card with a credit card (credit card with interest-free period), UnionPay channels, don't use any other channel (Union pay fees). In addition, suggest that you apply for a currency before leaving the best card, China UnionPay channels in the absence of case, brush all currency card can save a currency exchange fee of 1.5%-2%. Choose currency cards, please see below or refer to the "Spring Festival special treatment" outbound series 1: currency competition

2. appropriate to carry foreign currency cash, easy to pay for transportation and a small overhead. Recommend some change, so use is convenient and safe. If face value of carrying too much cash may have broken up the predicament of money.

3. consumption abroad is generally based on signature of consumption, does not require a password, so be sure to carefully check the sign on the amount and then the consumer. When credit card credit card in their own sight as possible. In case of credit card accidentally lost, must immediately contact the Bank immediately.

4. should carefully check whether the credit card before leaving the study abroad period expires, in addition, should also ask banks about their credit lines, there is a need to apply for a temporary increase of credit limit.

5. keep good transaction slip, if duplication of deductions, can deal with the timely contact with the issuing bank.

in addition, since flow documents clearly record the credit card number, expiry date, and amount information, so don't lose the POS and ATM machine prints out the transaction flow, prevent unauthorized use of personal information.


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