Teach you four strokes to investment management miscalculated the problem

one unexpected day, teach you four strokes to investment management miscalculations problems "person days, being contingent, man than heaven." Do you want to follow the laws of nature, or face the punishment of nature. Further, we should take the initiative and follow the pattern of the premise to overcome nature, finance and investment, too, should at all times with its steady investment in fixed income as a precondition.

Edit the black man is the so-called "human calculation falls," and shrewd financial investors have miscalculated when even fulfilled the dream of that sentence: "clever to be wise. "Your wrong, more important right now is how best to avoid losses caused by miscalculation.

1. only pursuit high returns investment, results ended up a mess wants to through investment financial earned more of money, so many investors are like pursuit those high returns of investment, on like stock, investors always hope himself 1 years within principal turned times, in stock low buy high sold, every day at disc, see financial information, listening to experts stock,, since think stock beats a beats certainly can earned money. But "human calculation falls," and tend to be high-yield paralyzed himself, ignoring the high risks of the stock market, buyers, were cut "Leek" a lot, resulting in heavy losses, and end up with a mess.

stock market like a casino, "buy low, sell high" are speculative operations, especially in the current market volatile circumstances, if investors go short high income, does not necessarily make more money in the long term. In the stock market, a strategic investor in pursuit of money in the long run returns, would choose to hold the value of stocks, often better than regular "buy low, sell high" earn more, so you want to select a stock long held of value.

 2. in the event of need money paid in advance, results reduced interest bank savings is the most commonly used financial channels, but in order to get higher interest rates, natural deposit should be selected. Periodic deposit is to book well in advance during is six months, one year or three years five years, select the deposit period longer, higher interest rates.

but, "people is than days is", due to a species accident situation, you needed with this pen money, do? if occurred this accident of time is Qian gang deposit regularly soon, at by current drawn money of loss almost insignificant, can care; but if is occurred in regularly deposits expires zhiqian does, that on only to current calculation interest has, loss on big has.

If this situation, it is recommended that take deposits to loans backed by the small, generally before it is due to lump-sum, and negotiable certificates of deposit, Treasury bonds as collateral, taking small mortgage loans to solve their cash flow problems of the problems.

3. excessive pursuit diversified, results returns instead rarely investment financial as to diversified, maximum of advantage is can effective to dispersed single investment caused of investment risk, but if excessive pursuit diversified, results only will backfired, often has shareholders a people holds more than 10 over stock, not only bother trouble, on each only stock of situation is understand is less, eventually must earned not to money.

take diversified investment strategy need has must of conditions, only Dang investors in a investment field master and are can stability stability to money has, on like select like fixed returns class stability Lee featured fund such of sound type varieties, annual are can stability stability got 10% around of high returns, addition investors also has remaining of funds Shi only can consider sought more high returns of investment, or will led to investors cannot control.

therefore, recommends that investors diversify its investments must do what, should at all times with its steady investment in fixed income as a precondition.

4. insurance fails to pay more insurance loss results than early withdrawals for some sort of protection, along with bonus insurance increases, some investors will use it as a way of financing. But insurance also will encountered "people is than days is" of situation, was is according to personal of income situation selected good has insurance amount, and on time payment, all are in himself of control among, but due to forget, and temporarily didn't funds, reasons, cannot on time paid insurance costs, that only by automatically back insurance processing, loss than ahead of drawn fast due of regularly deposits to big have more.

do? can take emergency measures, is the use of the grace period provisions of the insurance.

If you surrender, surrender time can be set after the end of the grace period; the second is the insurance policy as collateral to apply for small loans, better in after waiting for the return of the loan principal and interest; the third is consultation and insurance companies, to make advance payment of premiums of insurance companies, then the original policy changes for extended term insurance policies.


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