700,000 returns his wife in a rage to divorce

700,000 returns his wife in a rage to divorce

private lending is an act of mutual benefit between relatives, but once you lose awareness of self protection, relying too much on verbal agreements, missing the necessary documentary evidence, it can be easily abused, suffer losses. Intellectuals Chen is such a remarkable example, 800,000 out of borrowing, interest not only without a penny, because it exceeded the limitation, almost devoid of principal.  A good family, is almost in tatters.  

case history:

Chen PhD after graduating, worked at the Changsha Institute, due to the substantial income, frugality, Chen and his wife save money, life was thriving.  

beginning in 2010, Chen's friend, Mr Zhao because investing in the stock market and business needs, Xiao Chen find loans of 800,000 yuan, only two oral promise 5% a month in interest.  

in 2015, Chen wife decided to buy a House, find nothing left on the books, two men find Zhao to recover debts, to no avail after it reported to the Court.

Court Shang, due to small Chen only issued has 200,000 of IOU, which 100,000 yuan from IOU in the contains ming of repayment term has over has two years and no interest agreed, court last judgment Zhao Mr returned small Chen couples 100,000 yuan principal, interest by Bank similar loan interest rate calculation, over litigation limitation of 100,000 Yuan not protection, no any evidence of 600,000 yuan borrowing not accepted.  Chen after his wife listened to the verdict, angry that their divorce, Chen also regret it.

small financial reviews:

first, the IOU is the best borrow vouchers. Borrowing occurs when both the borrowers and lenders should the loan principal, interest and repayment time on specific matters, such as a written agreement.  Case middle and small borrow 600,000 yuan Chen reached a verbal agreement only, with no credentials, and direct boondoggle.

Second, the limitation to two years of private lending disputes. Exceeded the Statute of limitations will not be protected by the Court, so borrowers must be within the limitation period reminder, or missed the two-year limitation period, not only lack of interest, the principal may or.


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