Fujian "1th," support to small and micro enterprise development


the beginning of this year, Fujian Provincial people's Government issued the General Office of Fujian Provincial people's Government on measures to further support the healthy development of small and micro enterprises and nine circular, small and micro businesses, financing, taxation, labor protection and other aspects of the proposed support measures 7. In the area of corporate finance, exhibition of small and micro enterprise loan insurance pilot, expanded provincial "small business bond increased pool", providing financing facilities for qualified small business.   Specific please see notification details:

Fujian Province Government Office on further support small micro-enterprise health development nine article measures of notification

the city, and County (district) Government, Pingtan integrated experiment district CMC, Province Government the sector, and the directly under the institutions, the big enterprise, and the University:

for further support promote small micro-enterprise health development, enhanced economic development stamina, by provincial government research, proposed following measures, please levels the about sector seriously organization implementation.

and guide individual businesses into a company (hereinafter "enterprise").

simplified "enterprise" procedure, in accordance with the "open" principles and procedures while handling; without violating the relevant provisions of the corporate name of the premise, may retain their original names and characteristics of individual industrial and commercial households. In the business place (residence) unchanged and valid, original individual registration front license valid documents, management place certificate can continue to use "enterprise" name change the ownership of land and housing, are not considered transactions.

the "enterprise" of small and micro enterprises to not less than 5-year transitional period, during the transition period, reconciling permits unsound enterprises taxation verification collection can be implemented enterprise social security maintains the original fees unchanged for 5 years. (Responsible unit: the district municipalities, the Pingtan comprehensive experiment zone, provincial trade and Industry Bureau, the provincial land and resources department, the provincial housing and urban-rural development department, the provincial State Taxation Bureau, the provincial local taxation Bureau, the provincial Department of human resources and social security, economic and information Commission)

Second, encouraging the creation of small and micro-enterprises.

founder of the new small business 3 years within the province of local tax revenue to enterprises in full. Local governments at all levels to encourage small enterprises to enter the industrial park, in the planning of industrial parks, small and micro enterprises that have to be reserved with the room. On small micro-enterprise project with to in annual with to plans index in the priority give arrangements, in determine land right transfer upset Shi, reference Fujian Province Government Office on established premium regulation mechanism promote Strait West Bank economic zone industry structure adjustment of notification (min political do (2009) 135th,), by not below location land, don't relative should national industrial with to transfer minimum price standard of 70% implementation. (Responsible unit: the district municipalities, the Pingtan comprehensive experiment zone, the provincial land and resources department, Ministry of Finance)

three, promotion of small and micro enterprises on the scale.

new above-scale industrial enterprises, enterprises above designated size in wholesale and retail sales, below the provincial local tax revenues paid by enterprises last year as the base, part of annual increase in 3 years 60% to enterprises expanded reproduction. New enterprises above designated size, local water conservancy construction funds when levied, such as paid that year, half the following year. (Responsible unit: the district municipalities, the Pingtan comprehensive experiment zone, the Provincial Bureau of statistics, Ministry of finance, provincial water resources Bureau)


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