University students in reading during the loan interest rate subsidized by the full financial

University students in reading during the loan interest rate subsidized by the full financial

Premier Li keqiang chaired a State Council Executive Meeting July 8, heard a report on implementation of the major policy initiatives focusing on supervision of the State Council, strongly disposed to ineffective implementation of corrective actions; deployment audit identified problems of rectification; decided to increase national student lending for students to create a fair environment.

it was noted that the deployment by the State Council, national student loan policy, more powerful help needy college students to complete their studies, can promote equity in education, provide more development opportunities for poor students, nurture more talent for the country.

it was decided that university students in reading during the full financial subsidies for student loan interest, during the repayment period after graduation to pursue a degree or in the dropped out of school because of illness, may apply for a discount.

Second, the limit on loans from more than 10 years, 14 years, the unified extended to 20. Extended repayment grace period from 2 years to 3 years, grace period only interest, not principal. Simplify the application procedures.

third, set up repayment relief mechanism, unable to work due to illness, family events, such as major changes in graduates borrowing students, can apply for compensation should also interest. On difficult employment of grass-roots units in remote areas, compensatory funding by the provincial financial commitment in principle. Financial arrangements in full in the annual budgets at all levels of national student loan and risk compensation fund to help poor students to resolve worries.


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