Zero-interest loans banks offer medical loans

Zero-interest loans banks offer medical loans

for many people, medical resources, especially the scarcity of quality health care, medical problems we have to face, because of the scarcity of resources as a result of high medical expenses for many people has also become a life unbearable weight, how to solve the medical, medical treatment you became one of the community are very concerned about the problem.

active exploration and efforts to address the high cost

in recent years, some medical institutions have been trying, through cooperation with the Bank, bank cards, use a bank terminal with direct binding (such as self-service equipment, online bank to make an appointment) means saving patient payment time, although not fundamentally solve the medical care problem, but still useful attempt.  Reporter has learned, whether suffering from a serious illness when hospitals and direct financial support of the Bank, also became members of the public are most concerned about medical issues.

so now is there a major disease-specific medical loan? If so, the patient how to apply? Loan pricing?  In this regard, the journalists visited several medical institutions and banks in the city of Chengdu, in the end, reporters at Minsheng Bank Chengdu branch got accurate answer.

Minsheng Bank Chengdu branch-related business, told reporters that at present, Minsheng Bank has been formally launched several medical institutions in Chengdu people's livelihood medical loan, and in less than a week's time, 5 medical loans disbursed loans totalling more than 200,000 yuan, family for much-needed funding to provide timely financing.

in terms of pricing, Minsheng Bank and cooperative medical institutions reached an agreement to provide full or partial discount for patients with the greatest discount, which means patients can apply directly to the now rare interest-free or low interest loans.


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