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rapid development of Internet banking, bring convenience to the people living at the same time, some unruly elements caught loan crowd worry money, weak awareness of deception features, loans under the deception.  In order to give more users, especially trying to loans, are friends who knew nothing of the process to give warning, after 360 collects several common deception cases, open secret that a liar, I cant hide!

Con: not lending but advance fees

, Sichuan, Ning because buying a House easy money, financing after a small hole found 10,000. At this time, he saw a loan small ads on the Web, they're a small loan company, claims that have a trial loan, low interest rates, quick, easy to get unsecured loans, and didn't think much, just fill out an application form.  

10 minutes Hou, Ning Mr received a contract fax, other to he ahead of paid 1000 Yuan money margin, Ning Mr without on put money turned has past, however this just a began, from fill good form to second days claimed lending, Ning Mr not only penny not have, also has take in amounted to 5000 Yuan of costs, this when, he only realized that, may was cheat has.

trick II: fishing phone cheat bank card password

Beijing of Lee ladies recently prepared buy car, pay has 10,000 of deposit to 4S shop prepared months within mention car, but 4S shop of sales personnel suddenly call to Lee ladies, said full paragraph buy car can in original nude car price Shang offers 8,000 yuan, Lee ladies some heart has, helpless full paragraph words, hand funds also poor 30,000 yuan, Lee ladies so consider loan, in online traveled has a zhihou, Lee ladies contact has a a loan institutions, Commitment for loans, then to a phone number, Ms Lee to query whether a loan account.  After the bank card number and password are entered, she received a text message, all but 50,000 had been extracted within the card, Lee shouted, fooled.

trick three: the illusion of loans is now rumored

white-collar Miss Hu recently prepared in double 11 shopping a, but due to travel, have put their savings into left, right in your circle of friends to see a message that PayPal take cash, she will want to cash out of 5000 Yuan, as contingency funds of consumption.  Contact each other after, Miss Hu paid the fee of 250, the other a shopping link to Miss Hu, Miss Hu successfully consume 5000 Yuan, but when she can't find each other when you ask for cash in the amount of 5000 Yuan, the other doesn't.

small financial reviews:

common means more than just online loan scams, there are many more examples.  Small thaw to remind the broad masses of netizens, the loan would not be suitable for the sake of convenience shortcut, pie in the sky without, safe and practical to go through each step of the loan process is on the right track.  

prevention tips:

a formal lending institutions before does not make a lender charges to deal with advance fee can be directly identified as fraud.  

Second, not to any Web sites or phone leaked their identity information, bank cards and passwords, protect their property from infringement on the one hand, on the other hand, but also to prevent crooks use your real information to do illicit business.  

third, don't take any loans are rumors, likely a trap which may trigger a liar.

four, meet loan interest rates significantly lower than the market, and application materials is very low, be sure to bring attention to, and conditional can check on the website of the business sector the company information and qualifications.


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